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Why Facebook ads?

If you want to increase brand awareness, grow your audience, fill your Facebook group or start selling more of your courses and programmes, Facebook ads are the fastest way to scale and get visible.


A whopping 40 million people or 71% of UK adults can be reached through Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Facebook ads are highly targeted and offer several objectives, this allows us to create ads intended for a specific action i.e drive more traffic to your website or get more people to sign up to your email list.

Instead of being shown to a generic audience, Facebook ads are specifically served to your target audience, people who are potentially interested in your products or service.

If you advertise in a magazine or via leaflet, it's hard to track who has seen your ad. You could include some kind of coupon system, but even then you only get to know the people who've used your coupon. Lots of others may have seen your ad too, but there's no way of keeping in touch with them.


In contrast, with Facebook ads, you know EXACTLY how many people have seen your ad, which platforms your audience use, how many people clicked your link and if they didn't purchase, you can retarget them, which is a powerful technique.


You can also see from the stats how many leads and sales your ad generated giving you a definite ROI.


You can test, measure, refine and effectively seek out the right target audience to see a return on your investment. Ads are flexible and dynamic, meaning you can quickly find out what’s not working and make changes to optimise the campaign.

From initial strategy and research to testing and optimising, I’ll keep you fully up to date and manage every detail of your campaign.

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