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Power Hour

This is for you if you don't yet have the budget for monthly management or if you want to learn more about Facebook & Instagram ads and continue to run them yourself.

Or maybe you’re already running ads and not getting the results you want and need some guidance. With a Power Hour, you can level up your advertising with bespoke training and problem solving. 

Power Hours take place via a video call where we can share screens and I will provide advice on your campaign.

We can review your data, look at conversion rates, look at the performance of your audiences and adjust your campaign to improve results. There are no stupid questions!

If you'd like to learn more, why not book a 1:1 with me. 

A Power Hour costs £97 per person* for a one hour support session.

There is a 20% discount for additional people on the call. After payment has been completed we will book a convenient time for the call.

*Payment is required in advance, my capacity is limited and it will secure your booking with me.


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