• Claire Shelley

When is the right time to outsource?

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Small Businesses

As a small start-up, doing the majority of jobs yourself can save money. This is great for the first phase of your business as you are able to remain responsive. Unlike large organisations where any small change takes an age to implement, when something doesn’t work for your business you can change it right away.

But as your business grows, there may come a point where you feel overwhelmed and unable to keep on top of running things as well as you would like.

If you spend all day stuck in marketing tasks, or you don’t have time to focus on developing new ideas to grow your business, or you have a nagging sense that your business is falling behind, maybe it is time to outsource?

Getting help or employing people can seem like a really big commitment! But it doesn’t have to be. Many freelancers charge by the hour, which is a more flexible way of getting help if you are not ready to hire a permanent member of staff. You also avoid having to pay tax, NI and holiday pay, you simply pay for the hours you need.

Imagine how good it will feel when you hand over those time-consuming jobs and gain some precious time back.

Tasks you can outsource

I know from experience that creating or maintaining a website can eat up hours of your day, if you aren’t a trained web developer. Get advice if you are not sure if your SEO is optimised, or if you want more insight into how to drive traffic to your website.

You could enlist the help of a bookkeeper to keep your figures in order or to take care of preparing your tax return each year.

A marketing expert can plan your marketing strategy and help you run a consistent campaign. Are you using the right social media channels to attract your perfect client?

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Before you look to hire someone, make a list of:

- What are the sticking points in your business? Where do you need help?

- What’s going well? And what’s stopping you from doing more of it?

- What is taking up a lot of your time?

As a start, you could identify the jobs that could easily be handed over right away. Going forward it would be useful to have tasks documented so you could hand them to someone else, making the onboarding process streamlined.

Whether your business is digital, service-based or product-based, it is important to ask for help if you are struggling to keep on top of everything. It’s a sign that you’ve done an amazing job so far, and that your business is growing!

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