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Raising your profile efficiently & profitably - podcast series with Andrew Gibbons

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Andrew Gibbons very kindly asked me to be a guest on his excellent podcast (my first ever podcast appearance!).

Recording a podcast requires a huge amount of trust for both parties. The host trusts that you will deliver the value you promised and the guest is trusting that the host will guide the conversation in a way that allows you to shine and share your knowledge.

With seventy-odd podcasts under his belt, I had complete trust in Andrew, he’s an expert host and it’s been a fun experience.

If you don’t already know Andrew and you’re in learning and development or coaching, I encourage you to pop over to his website where you’ll find an absolute treasure trove of practical insights and free resources.

Andrew's podcasts cover a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to; NLP fundamentals, coaching with curiosity and compassion and the emotionally intelligent organisation. You can have a listen here.

Raising your profile efficiently and profitably

In this series of 3 podcasts, we chat about organic marketing, the potential challenges and offer tips and advice on how to navigate this sometimes overwhelming subject.

Part One

In this episode, we talk about your ‘why’, building foundations, marketing expectations of a small business owner, mindset and how to make a start.

- Are you clear on your goals and sought outcomes? (06:00)

- Are you prepared for the hard work of the long game? (15:15)

- Finding your ideal clients online (19:00)

- In saturated markets for everything, what is your niche? (39:10)

You can listen to part one here:

Part Two

In part two we cover ‘how’ you can market your business. The pros and cons of different social media platforms and other marketing strategies. - Which marketing methods are right for your business (06:50)

- Why you should avoid being 'salesy' (11:15) - Social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube (30:10) - Analysing your results (51:10)

You can listen to part two here:

Part Three

In the final podcast in the series, we talk about the best ways to engage with your connections.

How to grab attention and stand out in the chaos and noise online (03:05)

How you can offer value and benefits with content (11:15)

Email marketing (25:40)

The do’s and don’ts of newsletters (38:15)

Structure of a landing page (46:45)

You can listen to part three here:

I hope that you find the recordings useful and do drop me a line if you'd like to discuss raising your visibility. hello@claireshelley.co.uk

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