• Claire Shelley

One easy way to promote your workshop on LinkedIn

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Did you know that LinkedIn has its own Event Pages?

LinkedIn Events are very straight forward to use and it's easy to share your event information with your connections, making it a great additional marketing tool for your workshop or online training.

To find LinkedIn Events, go to your Home page, on the left-hand side, just underneath Groups you will find Events (see below).

Events can be public (visible to anyone on LinkedIn) or private (only visible to invitees and anyone else with the event link).

The current version is basic, you can't create or sell tickets, but there is a field where you can enter an external URL, which means that you can link to other sites such as Eventbrite.

New event on LinkedIn

Once you’ve created your event page, you can share your workshop details as a LinkedIn post and send individual invitations to your connections.

The most powerful part is the invitations (you can choose who you send the invites to). Connections will receive an invitation in exactly the same way that they receive an invitation to connect to someone.

This makes it an effective way to advertise a workshop because everyone gets a direct notification, you're not just relying on your connections spotting a promotional post in the feed.

Event pages include a chat box where you can generate discussions or share details with the connections who have shown interest in your event. You can also create polls.

If the majority of your audience can be found on LinkedIn, they are a useful tool to reach just the right people.

If you've used LinkedIn event pages already, I'd love to hear what you thought! hello@claireshelley.co.uk

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