• Claire Shelley

Time management, how to keep on top

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Organisation is key

I’m not keen on chaos, I like to know what’s happening and when (you can imagine what a test this was when we had children!). I love to plan and organise, so naturally my whole career has been around planning and promoting events, workshops and seminars.

Do you feel like you could do with a little less chaos in your life?

I have a lot of balls in the air. Be it personally or professionally, I’m always juggling work schedules, kids schedules, school admin, birthdays, household chores or domestic admin. If I’m not careful, it can feel overwhelming. My solution? I carefully plan my life so that I avoid stress. Here are some of my methods.


Sounds dull and time consuming, but I put my whole life in a calendar. Doing this instantly helps me, not only with organisation, but with being able to see what my day-to-day looks like at a glance. It makes short term and long term planning easier because you can prioritise your most important events and then fill in around that.

Try mapping out a few months at a time in advance. Block off important things first. For example, if fitness is a priority for you, block that in first so the space is reserved.

There are a load of great online organisers you could try, Trello, Monday and Asana to name just a few.


I put reminders in my calendar so that I’m always prepared for the next thing. Your calendar can be your phone, tablet, laptop, or whatever device keeps you on track. A paper calendar can be very effective for some people, or simply a notebook or list. I like to tailor my reminders to the kind of appointment I have scheduled.

Depending on what the event is, I set a reminder for one week before, a day before or 30 mins before. This gives me a heads up that there is something I should be doing, or somewhere I need to be!

Just say no

People pleasing is exhausting. You don’t have to attend every event you are invited to. Don’t stretch yourself too thin. Leave enough time for your family and friends, and above all, yourself.


Add yourself to your calendar to make sure downtime is not forgotten. Scheduled rest is important if you want to avoid burnout, especially if you run your own business.

Once you get a routine and organise your day, you will find yourself more productive and relaxed.

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