• Claire Shelley

A cautionary tale about low priced online courses

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Why your small, entry level courses are just as important as your signature offer.

Online courses are a great way to help scale your business and when you're starting out, it's often best to create something small, simple and low priced. As well as giving you more freedom and flexibility, online courses;

- Help you to stop trading time for money

- Provide a source of passive income (something I know we'd all like more of)

- Allow you to reach more people

- Act as a stepping stone to your higher priced products

- You can use them to build SLO (self liquidating offer) funnels

- Offer another level of service for the people who aren't quite ready for your premium offers

Another advantage of online courses is that they are ready straight away, your participants don't have to wait for a start date to get stuck in!

I recently bought a couple of low cost courses and I was excited to start the learning, but when I logged into the training portal, one of the courses I'd purchased was missing.

No big deal. I work with coaches and course creators all day long, I have behind the scenes experience with these systems and I know that it doesn’t always run smoothly, so I emailed my query.


I sent another couple of emails.

7 days after my first email, I finally got an unapologetic response, but they were at least looking into it.

After another 3 days I chased again.

It appeared that the course I had purchased "shouldn't have been on the website" and I was asked if I would like to try their membership instead for the same price?

The membership wasn't right for me at the time, so I politely declined and requested an alternative short course as a substitute and it finally seemed that it was all resolved.

However, a month later I tried to log in and one of the courses had mysteriously disappeared, again!

Another long and painful game of email tennis began and a full year later, the problems are still not resolved. In fact it's worse, I no longer have access to either of the courses which I purchased and I'm seeking a refund.

The person providing the courses is very well known in their industry, they're an influencer and having consumed a lot of their material, I know that they know their stuff and that they're an expert in their field. So this experience has been surprising and somewhat disappointing.

Had my experience been different, it's possible that I would have considered their high ticket products and programmes. But now it's pretty unlikely that I will buy anything from them again.

Impressions count. Don't think that because it's a low price it doesn't require care and attention.

It shouldn't be hard or frustrating for your clients to do business with you.

Customer service and the way you acknowledge your clients and prospects is so important. Even if you don't have the answers, a simple a quick reply to say you're looking into it is all it takes.

No one wants to be ignored for weeks at a time, especially when they've paid for something. Or feel that they're an inconvenience and that the technical or organisational issues that you are experiencing is their problem, because it's not.

A good customer experience is what will help you to grow your brand, your reputation and your business. When they are thrilled with the service they have received, clients will become ambassadors and will willingly recommend you to everyone.

I'm a big advocate of going the extra mile for your clients, make sure that you turn them into raving fans.

Does this resonate with you? I'd love to hear.

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